Israeli soldiers used two Palestinians from the Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem as human shield as they invaded the camp on Thursday before noon.

Troops took over a building in the camp and turned it into a military post few meters away from the construction site of the annexation wall.

The two were identified as Mustafa Malash and Mustafa Abu Srour.  They both work for the public service committee in the camp.

As youth started to throw rocks at the army, troops forced the two youth to stand in front of them as they were approaching the stone-throwing kids.

They also fired several rounds and tear gas bombs and rubber-coated-metal bullets at the kids.

Local sources reported that some women and children were treated from gas inhalation.

The invasion lasted for two hours before they set the two youth free, no arrests were reported.

Palestinian legal sources said this incident is evidence that Israeli army is still using Palestinian civilians as human shields despite of Israeli high court ruling to stop.  

Senior Israeli military officers including Minister of Defense Shaul Mofaz have previously affirmed that they are committed to the court ruling to stop using Palestinian civilians as human shields.