The Palestinian Ministry of Health slammed the Israeli decision to ban the entry of medication to the Gaza Strip, and the American and the European Union decision to halt all aid to the Palestinian people.

Spokesperson of the Palestinian Ministry of health, Basim Na’im, reported that Israeli soldiers controlling Gaza borders barred all entry of medication and medical equipment to the Gaza Strip after sealing all crossings leading to Gaza.

In a press conference on Monday evening in Gaza, Na’im stated that most of the medications and medical equipment are currently held at the Rafah Border Crossing and in Cairo International Airport after Israel decided to bar their entry.  

Israel officials claimed that there has been no previous coordination with Israel in order to allow the entry of medical supplies through Kerem Shalom Crossing. The medications were supposed to be allowed in Gaza through the Rafah Border Crossing, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, but when Israel barred their entry, the P.A tried to transfer them through Kerem Shalom Crossing.

Na’im stated that the ministry needs at least four million dollars to cover its basic expenses without paying the salaries of its employees who did not receive their March salaries yet.

He slammed that America and European decision to halt all aid to the Palestinian government and considered it a green light for Israel to continue its assaults and military attacks against the Palestinian people.

Also, Na’im demanded the United Nations and the European Union to act immediately in order to stop the Israeli violations.

Israel killed over the last few days at least 16 Palestinians and inured fifty others.

In a separate incident, Palestinian sources reported that P.A Minister of Health discovered that his Gaza office has thirty spying bugs installed by the Israel apparently before pulling out from Gaza; P.A security removed the bugs and initiated a probe in the incident.