The Israeli peace movement issued an urgent plea Thursday to the governments of Europe, the U.S. and the world to end the economic blockade of the Palestinian people, which has caused a severe food crisis already in the Gaza Strip, and is threatening a food and fuel crisis in many parts of the West Bank.Stop the Blockade on the Palestinian Government

A Call to Europe By the Israeli Peace Bloc: Don’t starve a whole people in order to overthrow its elected government.

The statement reads:
"We, Israeli patriots concerned about the future of our state, hereby call upon you, the leaders of the European Union and the heads of European governments:

"Only three months ago, European monitors supervised the Palestinian elections. They confirmed Palestine as the first democracy in the Arab world (holding its second democratic elections, the first having been won by the Fatah movement.)

"This time, a Parliament with a Hamas majority was elected. Now you are giving the Palestinians a lesson in democracy: you are telling them that, unless they overthrow the government they have just elected, there will be no milk for their children, no medicines for their sick, no work for their unemployed, no salaries for their doctors and teachers.

"You are fulfilling the cynical prescription of the advisor to our Prime Minister: "We need to make them lose weight, but not to die."

"This is not only a barbaric policy, it is also a terrible mistake: no people in the world would submit to such brutal and humiliating pressure from outside. The inevitable result will be a further radicalization of Palestinian opinion, and a deepening of the hatred for Israel and the West in the whole of the Arab and Muslim world.

"That will make the prospect of peace even remoter, the peace we all need like air to breathe. It will lead to a bloodbath, which will cost the lives of thousands – Israelis, Palestinians, Europeans and Americans.

"Talk to the Palestinian government!

"Start a dialogue with Hamas!

"Certainly, they must recognize the State of Israel’s right to exist, just as Israel must recognize the right of the State of Palestine to exist. But such recognition will grow out of negotiations, not the other way round.

"Certainly, they have to stop violence, just as Israel must do so. But even at this stage a prolonged armistice can be achieved.

"Certainly, they must accept the Two-State solution, and so must Israel. But their leaders have already hinted that they are ready for it – and this must be put to the test of negotiations.

"We call upon you, leaders of Europe:

"It is in the interest of Europe, as it is in the interest of Israel and Palestine, to achieve peace. Don’t succumb to pressure from outside interests, whose policy has already led to several recent disasters in the Middle East.

"For the sake of all of us: follow an independent line, guided by wisdom and morality! "