Israeli air force shelled on Tuesday a building in the Gaza Strip causing excessive damage but no injuries. Army claims that the building is used as a metal workshop to build homemade shells that the resistance fired at Israeli settlements around the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli Ynetnews reported that Israeli forces arrested 21 Palestinian residents in military invasions carried in several West Bank areas on Monday at night and Tuesday at dawn.

After the Tel Aviv suicide bombing that killed nine Israelis, the Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz said that Israel will retaliate and carry operations in the occupied West Bank and shelling against targets in Gaza.

Debating what further military action Israel will take in response to the bombing, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert convened a meeting of ministers on Tuesday, reported Haaretz.

An Israeli official said that now with the Hamas-led government everything has changed, “In the past, the Palestinian government did not support of justify bombings”, he added.

Meanwhile, as the United Nations Security Council was set to convene to discuss whether or not to condemn Israel for its military aggression in the Palestinian territories. Israeli turned to the council demanding a condemnation for the Tel Aviv bombing.

Since the beginning of the month, Israeli soldiers killed twenty-eight residents, including children, in several military strikes in Gaza and invasions in the occupied West Bank, at least ninety residents were injured, and 154 resident were arrested.

On Monday night and Tuesday at dawn Israeli soldiers arrested Palestinians in several West Bank areas.