Israeli forces invaded the West Bank city of Tulkarem, Tulkarem refugee camp and Bal’a village early Tuesday morning, fired rounds of live ammunition and sonic bombs and arrested seventy residents.

At least 25 Israeli military vehicles incurred into the city and nearby towns, executing a wide-range invasion.

For hours Israeli soldiers fired live rounds and sonic bombs while breaking into dozens of homes, local sources reported.

Twelve of the arrestees are residents of Tulkarem, they were identified as Fadi Abu Shanab, 20, Mahmoud Al Jalalad, 20, Nizar Bal’awy, 38, Khaled Al Zaqla, 18, Bader Abu Shanab, 18, Riziq Shreim, 55, Nael Abed Rabbo, 30, Mohammad Khaled, 23, Ehab Sbeitan, 22, and three brothers identified as Mohammad, 30, Baha’, 27, and Ala’ Al Tahel,27.

In Bal’a village east of Tulkarem, soldiers and special forces arrested five residents including a wanted resistance fighter.

The arrestees were identified as Mahmoud Al Wawy,20, who was wanted since several months, Saleh Hamdan, 23, Mohammad and Mahmoud Saleh Salama, Ibrahim Salama.

Mohammad and Mahmoud Salama were arrested after the soldiers failed to arrest their brother Abdul-Hamid, who managed to escape before the soldiers broke into their house.   

Israeli forces pulled dozens of Palestinians from their homes in the middle of the night, forcing them to stand in the streets at gun-point while Israeli soldiers tore through their personal belongings inside.

During the raid, Israeli forces took 17 Palestinians to unknown locations for political or resistance affiliation with Islamic Jihad, Hamas and Fateh.

The Tulkarem District is suffering from a complete blockade as Israeli forces impose military barriers throughout the area, preventing movement particularly from the south and east and the other areas are already blocked by the Wall.

Israeli forces closed the iron gates that farmers rely on to reach their agricultural lands now on the other side of the Wall.

The soldiers also imposed several barriers on streets linking Tulkarem to other West Bank cities and districts such as Ramallah, Nablus, and Qalqilia.

The military attacks are carried out while the Palestinian areas are under strict military closure and isolated by the Israeli annexation Wall that is barring the residents from reaching their orchards.