The Palestinian Minister of Jerusalem affairs in the Hamas-led Palestinian cabinet, Khaled Abu Arafa, was detained on Tuesday by Israeli police at a checkpoint on the outskirts of Jerusalem.

Abu Arafa, a 45-year-old is a resident of annexed east Jerusalem, was on his way to the West Bank city of Ramallah to attend a cabinet meeting.

He was stopped, on Tuesday morning, at Al Dahiya checkpoint, at the northern entrance of Jerusalem and was taken into custody.

The minister was due to attend a Palestinian cabinet meeting to discuss a suicide bombing carried out by an Islamic Jihad member in Tel Aviv on Monday; nine Israelis were killed.

Abu Arafa was detained for two hours after the police demanded him to step out of his car and wait without giving any further explanation.

On April 6, Abu Arafa was arrested and taken into Israeli custody but was released later on without any charges.

Also on Tuesday, Israeli decided to revoke Jerusalem identity cards of Hamas ministers living in east Jerusalem.