The Israeli army invaded the West Bank city of Nablus on Monday morning and arrested 9 residents including a young woman.
Army vehicles and jeeps stormed the city and the nearby Balata refugee camp and arrested several residents.  IMEMC reporter in the city, said troops invaded some houses and turned them into a military post and locked all the family members in one room of the house, and positioned snipers on the roof tops.

Also an an eyewitness American peace activist who is working with the International Solidarity Movement, (ISM) in Nablus told IMEMC that the army randomly attacked several stores and houses.

She added that this is part of the ongoing invasions into the city which resumed on Thursday.

The arrested included Saher Hawash, Imad akash, 21, Mohaned Hamamah, 26, Khaled Hanon, 18, Lo’ai Hamed, 27, and Rania Al Jafari, local sources reported.

The army claimed that those invasions are mainly focused on locating and arresting Palestinian resistance activists, however residents confirmed that most of the arrestees are civilians.