Palestinian security sources reported that a Palestinian man and boy suffered shrapnel wounds Monday morning, after Israeli tanks occupying the northeastern Gaza Strip border fired tank shells.

Palestinian medical sources in the northern Kamal Adwan Hospital reported that a 15 year old is moderately injured in both legs, while the adult man is injured in the hand.

The man sells beans for work, while the 15 year old was simply in the area.

Eyewitnesses reported that Israeli tanks have renewed their intensive bombardment with heavy artillery on regions in the northern Gaza Strip Monday morning. The Israeli Army spokesman claims that the bombardment is meant to discourage Palestinian resistance fighters from firing homemade shells into Israel, but Palestinians have noted that the Israeli bombardment, amounting to 100-300 shells a day (one at least every fifteen seconds) for the last three weeks, have instead hit neighborhoods, homes and children.

The Israeli army has dozens of tanks stationed at the northern borders of the Gaza strip, home to 1.2 million Palestinians and the most crowded place on earth.

The shelling targeted the town of Beit Lahia and the nearby villages of Al Badawia and Beit Hanon, massive damage was reported to the residents’ homes, eyewitnesses said.

Cases of panic injuries were reported, due to the continuous Israeli shelling of those areas, medical sources reported.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces continue to bombard the northern Gaza Strip.