Palestinian Christian and Samaritan figures appealed the International Community and Human Rights organizations to interfere in order to lift the Israeli unjust siege, and the isolation of the Palestinian people and their elected government.

The figures stated in an urgent press release that the siege is illegal and contradicts with the international law. They added that respecting and implementing the international agreements cannot be carried out by isolating the Palestinians and starving them.

The statements of the figures came during a conference which was held in Al Najah Media Center in Nablus, north of the West Bank.

Archmandrite  Attallah Hanna, the official spokesperson of the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem, said that the church strongly refuses that Israeli siege,  which was imposed on the Palestinians after they elected their representatives in a free and democratic elections.

“This is a collective punishment, and an unjustified isolation”, Hanna stated, “The siege, and blocking of international added is illegal and contradicts with the international agreements and human morals, we appeal those who talk about democracy and human rights to lift the unjust siege imposed on us”.    

Also, Hanna added that the Orthodox Church will conduct its utmost efforts to ensure unity among the Palestinians and their factions.

He also said that Church representatives held and will continue to hold meetings with the elected legislators, and that Palestinian Muslims and Christians reject that pressures imposed by some international countries against them.

Father of the Greek Catholic Church in Nablus, Yousef Sa’ada, said that he is preparing a letter entitled as the “Conscious of the Church” to be distribute it to all churches in the world in order to clarify the position of the Catholic church that rejects the sanctions imposed on the Palestinians for their democratic choice.

Sa’ada added that the letter includes three main points; first, the Palestinians are yearning for justice and peace, and should not be punished, second, the Arab nation is not hostile to any other nation, it simply defends itself if its threatened and dignified, and third, the church’s position opposes war, destruction, and calls for achieving the legitimate rights.  

He also said that Israeli soldiers fundamentals attacked churches and monasteries in the area, especially the siege and attacks against the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem in 2002, the terrorist attacks against the Church of Holy Sepulcher, in Jerusalem, and the Church of eh Basilica in Nazareth, in addition to the repeated attacks and threats by Israeli fundamentals against  the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, and other mosques in the Palestinian territories and Israel.     

Sa’ada added that barring the entry of human aid to the Palestinians contradicts with the international law, and religions, “it is a crime carried against the people, especially under the current global conditions”.
The Samaritan Priest Hosny Wasef, head of Jarseem Museum, said that the  Samaritan sect denounces the siege.

“Samaritans are part of the Palestinian people”, he added, “therefore, we denounce all of the illegal measures against the Palestinians for electing their government. These practices contradict with the international law, and human rights regulations”.

He voiced an appeal to the world to support the Palestinian rights of independence and liberty, and to reject any forced and conditional solutions.