Israeli sources reported on Tuesday that the Israeli Navy claimed foiling at attempt by Palestinian factions to smuggle at least 550 kilos of explosives into the Gaza Strip. The incident took place on May 3, 2006, Israeli media was allowed to report on the incident after Israel lifted a gag order on Tuesday.

According to the  Israeli Navy, three boats fled the area after throwing a number of bags containing explosive devices into the sea. The navy conducted an inspection of the area on Sunday and pulled eleven bags containing a total of 550 kilograms of standard explosive devices from the water.

Israeli Navy sources believe that the explosives were smuggled from Egypt.

An Israeli army spokesperson said that the cargo was thrown into the seas and that Israeli naval divers searched the area and retrieved 550 kilos of TNT explosives.  

No further details on the claimed incident, that took place on the so called "Israeli Independence Day" known by the Palestinians as Al Nakba (the catastrophe) after Israeli captured the first part of Palestine in 1948, were revealed.