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Army surrounds a house in Qabatia injuring one but the military operation is still on going, Army invades Jenin and arrests three, after dawn invasion, Israeli army imposes curfew on city of Jenin, Army invades Qabatia village One Bethlehem resident arrested by Israeli army, herds of wild pigs dumped by Israeli military attacking farmers’ homes and crops in Salfit.
Army surrounds a house in Qabatia injuring one but the military operation is still on going.
The Israeli army invaded the village of Qabatia south of the West Bank city of Jenin, and sounded one house,  on Thursday afternoon
Soldiers have surrounded the house of Ratep Khazima, and are firing directly into the house, eyewitnesses reported
D. Issam Nazal, the mayor of the village also said there are clashes between the resistance and the invading troops all over the village
He also said that there is one injured man that the army preventing the ambulances from reaching
Army jeeps and bulldozers have been seen entering the village 1 hour ago in what seems to be a massive military operation, eyewitnesses reported
The village of Qabatia has been the scene of daily invasion and arrests for more than one month, the last one was three days ago when the army assassinated five residents and injured  more.
Army invades Jenin and arrests three
The Israeli army invaded the West Bank city of Jenin and arrested three residents, Thursday morning
Troops stormed the residents’ homes forcing them to remain in one room and for on the spot interrogations, eyewitnesses reported
The arrestees were identified as; Kifah Tafish, 20, Soltan Saba’nah, Bilal Istiti, all are allegedly members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), according to the Israeli military.
 After dawn invasion, Israeli army imposes curfew on the city of Jenin
The Israeli army installed several military checkpoints around the West Bank city of Jenin Thursday morning, putting the city under total siege
Troops are searching all the cars entering and leaving the city, and they are preventing  people under the age of 30 from entering or leaving the Jenin
Soldiers are installing checkpoints across all the main city streets, checking ID cards and strip searching civilians before letting them pass, local sources reported
The Israeli army has invaded Jenin since the early hours of Thursday morning . Three Palestinians have been arrested by troops so far in the invasion.
One Bethlehem resident arrested by Israeli army
Nidal Khalawi, 24, was arrested when troops stormed his home in Deheishe refugee camp in the West Bank city of Bethlehem, Thursday at dawn
Troops surrounded Khalawi’s house, searched his home, then arrested him and took him to an unknown location, his family said.
Herds of wild pigs dumped by Israeli military attacking farmers homes and crops in Salfit
Herds of wild pigs attacked farmers’ homes and lands in the West Bank city of Salfit late Wednesday night
According to local farmers, the pigs were released by the Israeli settlers who live in the nearby settlements. The pigs were rounded up from within Israel, and dumped onto Palestinian land in the Salfit area.
Local sources also added that the pigs had destroyed farmland and crops, and attacked the farmers’ homes, in some cases threatening the lives of the children, but no injuries were reported
The municipality of Salfit has initiated a campaign that started last week to stop the pigs, and protect the farmers and their lands from the settlers’ attempts to force them out , local sources said.
The P.G Board of Petroleum in Jenin: the city is facing cooking fuel crisis
The Palestinian General Board of Petroleum in the West bank city of Jenin announced on Thursday that the city is facing a cooking fuel crisis
According to Hussam Al Arqawi, the director of the board, Israeli companies have not sent fuel for three days claiming that they face to internal problems within the companies
Al Arqawi denied that the crisis has anything to do with money problems between the PA and Israeli companies
He also said that some fuel will arrive at the P. G Board warehouses in Bili’n village near Ramallah some time today and hopefully it will be delivered to the city by late afternoon.
Army closes Taiaseer checkpoint, near Tubas
Thursday morning, the Israeli army closed Taiseer checkpoint and the surrounding area east of the West Bank city of Tubas
Soldiers informed the shepherds that if they approach the area they will be subjected to arrest or fired at, local sources reported
Several previous Incidents of attacking shepherds and their herds were documented, the army claims that the shepherds approached closed military zone.
Army arrests 10 residents from Abood village near Rammallah
Thursday, Israeli soldiers arrested ten residents in a morning invasionof the village of Abood north of the West Bank city of Rammallah
Elias Azar, the mayor of the village said that several army jeeps and soldiers stormed the village, searched the residents’ homes and arrested ten residents
The arrestees were identified as; Ahmad Abu Zied, Amjad Thabet, Abdullah Ibrahim, Abada Abdul-Majeed, Mohamed Shalatha, Tariq Dar Saleh, Awni Othman and his brother Mohammad, Dawoed Suleiman and his brother Mostafa, local sources said.
Israeli army claim that parts of missile smuggled into Gaza
Israeli army intelligence reported that the Palestinian resistance managed to smuggle parts of a Russian missiles into Gaza and attempted to assemble it there
The report said that the missiles are grade-1 type and their range is a maximum of 24 km, and surmised that the parts were smuggled in from Egypt, and had come from Iran
Abu Ahmad, the spokesperson of Al Quds brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad, said that the brigades had managed to develop a homemade rocket of the grade-1 type that could strike a range farther than the Katyush rocket range of 24 km, and added that the new rocket had a two-phase dispersal process.
Army arrests four residents from several areas of Hebron
Thursday at dawn, the Israeli army invaded the villages of Beit Ola, Beit Ummar and Al Arroub refugee camp in the West Bank city of Hebron and arrested four residents. Troops stormed the residents’ homes in the camp before arresting Ismail Jawabra, 30, and taking him to a nearby military camp
Also, troops invaded Beit Ola and Beit Ummar villages and arrested Khaled Sarhan, Jammal Jaber, and Yousif Mohamed after searching homes there, local sources reported
In the city of Hebron, soldiers attacked several neighborhoods and fired rounds of live ammunition at the houses, no injuries were reported, eyewitnesses said
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