{mosimage}Two leaders of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad imprisoned in Israeli detention facilities stressed on the importance of successful internal talks in order to end the inflaming conflict in Gaza, and achieve to a unified Palestinian strategy to maintain the Palestinian unity and to “counter the conspiracies against the Palestinians”.

Ali Sammoudi, Palestine News Network, separately interviewed Sheikh Jamal Abu Al Haija, a Hamas leader imprisoned in Asqalan Israeli Prison, and the imprisoned Islamic Jihad leader, Sheikh Bassam Al Sa’adi.

Sheikh Abu Al Haija, confined to solitary in Asqalan, and sentenced to nine life terms, voiced an urgent appeal to the leaders of Hamas and Fateh to exert all of the needed efforts to contain the internal violence and save the Palestinians from the agonies of internal violence that destroys the Palestinian achievements and harms the unity of the people.

He added that these incidents, and the Palestinian blood which is spilled, provide Israel with the opportunities to pass its plans of expansion in the occupied territories.   

“This violence will give Israel and its allies the chance to pass their plans that aim to cancel our existence and void our legitimate rights”, Abu Al Haija said, “We demand all of the Palestinian factions, figures and institutions to end this violence, these painful incidents”.

“We in Israeli prisons, and detention facilities, demand all of the armed factions to stop using their weapons against each other, and to protect the achievements of the Palestinian people, our people sacrificed their lives for Palestine, our resistance is still ongoing, our path is still hard and long”

“The people, and history, will not forgive anyone who allows himself to spill the sacred Palestinian blood, this violence threatens the Palestinian people and their sacrifices”.
Abu Al Haija called on the Hamas leadership to conduct every needed effort in orders to gain successful national talks and achieve a unified position that ends the violence, and strengthens the Palestinian unity.

“The siege and the blockage of aid does not only target the Palestinian government, it targets our people and their sacrifices”, Abu Al Haija added, “We have to protect the blood of the martyrs, we have to achieve security and stability in order to enable our people to live in dignity”.  

Meanwhile, Sheikh Bassam Al Sa’adi, a prominent leader of the Islamic Jihad imprisoned by Israel, said that all of the Palestinian factions should adopt a unified stance in order to overcome the internal conflict and stand united in facing the Israeli aggression.
“We condemn the incidents in Gaza, this violence should be stopped, and we demand a serious investigation in these attacks”, Al Sa’adi said, “We, from behind bars, declare that the Palestinian blood is sacred, and should be protected”.

“We have to achieve national unity, our unity is our main weapon in the struggle for liberty”, he added, “internal conflicts would only serve the interests of our enemies, and those who conspire against the achievements of our people, and our legitimate rights of freedom and independence”.
Al Sa’adi, serving five years in Israeli prison, said that the Palestinian detainees are appealing the factions and residents for national unity, for a unified front and position.

“We have to be united, to face the siege, poverty, we have to initiate a serious and comprehensive  dialog in order to create a unified front that protects our achievements and guarantees the continuation of our struggle against the occupation and its plans to void our right and existence”.

“The coming talks in Cairo should be successful, we should conduct all of the needed efforts in order to end the difference and conflict, we do not need speeches, we need dialog, we need successful talks that leads to achievements that stops the spilling of innocent blood, spilling of Palestinian blood is treason”.