Representatives and leaders of different Palestinian factions and religious sects are set to convene on Thursday in Ramallah and Gaza to put an end to the internal conflicts which escalated in the past two weeks, Palestinian sources reported.

The meeting which will connect Gaza and Ramallah through the video-conferencing will discuss a document hammered by Palestinian leaders in Israeli jails.

The conflict in the Palestinian territories results from the conflict between the two major parties Fatah and Hamas which is reflected in a power struggle between the Government and the President and his supporters.

Hamas who formed the government three months ago after winning a majority vote in January parliamentary elections, has allowed the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to negotiate with Israel on the basis of the Palestinian Liberation Organization headed by Abbas, and so far mostly dominated by Fatah.

However, Hamas said that any agreement that Abbas reaches with the Israelis should be approved by the public through a national referendum.

In their meeting on Wednesday, under the supervision of an Egyptian delegation, Hamas and Fatah also agreed that the responsibility over the PA’s financial administration would be handed over to Abbas, in order to allow the international community to deliver humanitarian aid to the Palestinians.