Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails on Wednesday threatened to begin an open-ended hunger strike if the national dialogue failed to reach an agreement that would end the state of tension and chaos in the Palestinian street.   

The prisoners, in a statement, called on all factions to end the crisis, to use dialogue instead of exchanging accusations and to abide by the law, affirming that the spilling of Palestinian blood by Palestinians is a red line that should not be crossed.

The prisoners valued the private sector’s national initiatives that would contribute to alleviating the economic blockade imposed on the Palestinian people.

On its part the ministry of prisoners’ affairs asserted that prisoners’ allowances in all Israeli prisons would be delivered within few days, confirming that it had received the check from the finance ministry.

Meanwhile, Palestinian prisoners in Ofer said that the prison administration was denying necessary treatment for three Palestinian prisoners in need of psychological treatment for more than three weeks now.