Israeli online daily Haaretz reported on Wednesday that a panel appointed by the Israeli Defense Minister, Amir Peetz, decided that Israel will fund the treatment of a 3-year-old Palestinian girl seriously wounded in an Israel air strike in the Gaza Strip two weeks ago.

The girl and other members of her family were hurt when the Israeli air force fired missiles at the vehicle of a wanted Islamic Jihad member in Gaza.

The member was killed in the attack along with three members of a Palestinian family traveling in an adjacent vehicle.

Haaretz added that the girl is being treated at Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer; her uncle, who was also wounded in the incident, is hospitalized at Ichilov Hospital, in Tel Aviv.

Physicians for Human Rights – Israel appealed to Peretz, warning that money transferred by the Palestinian Authority for the girl’s treatment has almost been exhausted, and that Israeli authorities may send her back to Gaza.

Palestinian hospital, dues to the Israeli policies of closures and siege, lack even basic equipment to treat the people, medicine is also running out.

According to Haaretz, Peretz claimed that he would make all efforts to solve the problem, and vowed to investigate a report by Physicians for Human Rights – Israel that the Israeli army is barring the father of the girl from entering Israel to visit his daughter in the hospital.

Also, the PHR – Israel warned on Wednesday that the Palestinian health system is on the verge of collapse as a result of the Israeli policies of siege over the occupied territories.

“The financial crisis affecting the Palestinian Authority (PA) due to the stoppage of international aid and the freezing of the tax revenue by the state of Israel, has had a grave impact on the Palestinian population in the occupied territories and has led to an acute shortage of basic needs, such as medicines and food”, the PHR reported.