The Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas declared Saturday as a day to mourn the ten Palestinian civilians, including three children, killed in Gaza Strip when Israeli gun-boats shelled the beach in Al-Sudaniya area on Friday.

Flags are set half-mast and stores closed in a step to protest the Friday killings and the ongoing Israeli attacks against the Palestinians.

On the other hand, Hamas said, it will no longer commit to the cease-fire declared 16 months ago, saying that it will resume its attacks against Israel.

Au Obayda, spokesman of the Izziddin Al-Qassam brigade, the armed wing of Hamas said, "By the end of 2005, the cease-fire ended, and there was no extension of truce declared between us and the Zionist enemy," and added, "What happened yesterday of ugly crimes, pushes us to respond."

After its electoral victory in January and becoming the ruling party, Hamas halted all its attacks against , however, the assassination of Jamal Abu Samahdana, leader of the Popular Resistance Committees who was appointed as a General Advisor in the Ministry of Interior and the Friday’s killing contributed to ending this halt.

Asked if the end of cease-fire means that Hamas will attack inside or only will resume firing Qassam projectiles, Abu Obayda said, "the battle with the Israelis is open now, we have all options to respond in the appropriate time and location, especially that is targeting Palestinian civilians."