The Palestine News Network learned Friday that Israeli security forces and police intend to evict a Palestinian cancer patient, Mustafa Al Hilo, because of that fact that he is required to pay for the Israeli forces to guard him during his cancer treatment at Ikhlov Hospital in Tel Aviv.

According to sources at Doctors for Human Rights, Al Hilo suffers from cancer in one of his feet. He underwent surgeries in Egypt and other countries, but to no avail.

Physicians for Human Rights reported that Israeli forces finally allowed Al Hilo to enter Israeli borders in order to be hospitalized, however within moments Israeli guards arrived demanding to be paid for their “services.” Al Hilo cannot afford to pay 1,700 shekels per day, which is approximately 380 USD.

Yet, the bill is mounting just to be “guarded” for being a Palestinian, in addition to his normal hospital bills. Al Hilo was also required to pay 2,500 shekels (550 USD), to be transferred from the Gaza Strip to the Tel Aviv hospital.

He paid what he could so far, but it is not enough according to Israeli forces who have announced they will stop his treatment and expel him from the hospital on the grounds of his inability to pay for the “guards”.

Physicians for Human Rights have tried in vain to keep Al Hilo in the hospital, but the Israelis are not heeding to the humanitarian call.