Palestinian medical sources in Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, reported that a baby girl whose mother was injured in an Israeli air strike was stillborn on Friday. The mother was injured two days ago in a strike the killed two Palestinian civilians and wounded 14, including children.

Doctors at Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis have performed a Caesarean section on Shaima Ahmad, 25, after detecting signs of fetal distress. Ahmed was wounded by shrapnel in Wednesday’s Israeli air strike.

The fetus, due to have been born in the coming days, was found dead, while his mother remained in the Intensive Care Unit along with two children, relatives of the family, who were also injured in the attack.  

The Israeli army labeled the strike as “another failed assassination attempt” that targeted Palestinian resistance fighters.

The killed and injured civilians in the Israeli offensive are all members of the same family.

Yet, Israeli military officials are vowing more attacks against “resistance fighters”, adding that air strikes are “nearly” the only option to operate in Gaza.

Also, the attack comes only one day after three children were killed in another Israeli air strike that targeted fighters of Fateh movement.

At least twenty-two Palestinans, mainly children, were killed, and seventy-nine were injured over the last week by Israeli air strikes.

The Husband of Shaima said that he named his stillborn baby girl Majzara, an Arabic word that means massacre in English.

Talking to Reuters, the father said that he names his stillborn child Majzara “to tell the world about the massacres Israel has committed against innocent Palestinians".

Meanwhile, Israeli military spokeswoman said that there is “no doubt that the strike was a failure”, especially since the casualties were innocent people and children.