Khaled Al Batsh, one of the political leaders of the Islamic Jihad reported that the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, and leaders of the Islamic Jihad will meet at 20hours Palestinian time on Saturday, the Maan News Agency reported.

Al Batsh added that the two sides will discuss carious Palestinian issues, and that the meeting will not only focus on the detainees’ document, and will include discussing methods to end chaos, insecurity and to protect the Palestinians.
Also, Al Batsh reiterated the rejection on the Islamic Jihad to certain articles mentioned in the detainees’ document especially the article regarding establishing a Palestinian State within the 1967 borders,  UN General Assembly Resolution 181 that calls for the portioning of Palestine, and an article regarding limiting the resistance to the occupied territories.

The UN Security Council resolution 181 in 1947 clearly set up the idea of land-for-peace as the guiding principle for solving the conflict.

UN Security Council resolution 242 in 1967 reaffirmed that principle. While not specific about the boundaries of the land that Israel occupied or about Palestinian national rights, resolution 242 affirmed that the way to peace in the Middle East had to be through returning land and recognizing all states. The Oslo process was based on resolution 242.