It appears that the Hamas government has declared a state of alert and begun disappearing upon receiving Israeli assassination threats. None are reachable by phone as all numbers have changed. This is a throwback to the days of the past when Hamas had to work underground, but as the elected government of Palestine, one would expect different treatment.

Even Prime Minister Ismail Haniya has apparently gone into hiding. And the Israelis have called for the assassination for Hamas leader in exile Khalid Mashal was well. Palestinian Minister of Foreign Mahmoud Az Zahar, Minister of Interior Said Siyam and others are working from secret locales as of Wednesday.

Prime Minister Haniya immediately left his home after the Israeli military operations began.  However, he returned to his Beach Refugee Camp home in western Gaza City.
Most government buildings and institution offices have been closed as the military campaign is now underway.

Israeli forces have a long history of assassinating Hamas leaders, including founder and spiritual leader, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin. The elderly man was in his wheelchair outside a Gaza City mosque when an Israeli missile directly hit him. The list of such cases is long and no one should expect any differently now.