Abdullah Abu Rahma, coordinator of the Popular Committee Against the
Wall, reported that at least 150 residents, eight internationals and
six Israeli peace activists protested against the Israeli Annexation
Wall in Bil'in village, near Ramallah city, in the norther part of the
West Bank. Several injuries were reported as the army violently
attacked the protesters.

The protesters carried posters calling for unity among the Palestinians and urging all factions to end their internal conflicts, and to end the conflict between the government and the opposition.

“These conflicts are negatively affecting the Palestinian people, and their unity”, Abu Rahma stated. 

An International Solidarity Movement activist (ISM) said in an interview with the IMEMC that the army and border police were already present outside of Bilin, fired gas grenades as the protesters starting marching out of the village. Soldiers then started to push the protesters and beat the demonstrates with batons.

“They were waiting for us there”, he added, “It seems this a new strategy they have been using for several weeks now, it is meant to bar the protesters from leaving the village and reaching the construction site of the Wall”.  The ISM activist said, “The army was present their to show the people that they can't reach the wall”.

In spite of the military presence, a few people managed to go behind the line of the soldiers and border police who were beating up the demonstrates.

Moreover, Abu Rahma said that the soldiers violently attacked the protesters with batons and were concentrating on hitting them in their joints, bones, and body parts; seven Palestinians, six Israelis and three internationals were injured, Abu Rahma said.

“They hit the people first, then after a while they started firing gas bombs” the ISM activist added. “A few people were injured in their hands, and legs after being hit by batons”.

Later on, the army invaded the western part of the village and fired gas bombs; several residents were hurt after inhaling gas fired by the invading forces.

Troops withdrew from the village shortly after invading it. No arrests were reported.