The Israeli prosecution appealed on Thursday morning against the
decision of the judge of Ofer Israeli Military Court to release twenty
Hamas legislators and ministers, including head of the Palestinian
Legislative Council, Dr. Aziz Dweik.

Shireen Isawi, layer of the Ministry of Detainees, said that the Israeli prosecution informed the attorneys defending the legislators and ministers that it appealed against the decision, therefore their release was automatically delayed.

Isawi stated that the legislators and ministers who were sent to court on Tuesday September 12, are expected to be sent to court against during the coming week.

Isawi added that the prosecution failed to present any further proofs that indicts the abducted figures who were supposed to be released on Thursday evening.

During the Tuesday court session, the judge, Ronen Atzmon, decided to release the legislators and ministers, including Dr. Dweik, his deputy Dr. Mahmoud Al Ramahi, Minister of Local Government, Issa Al Ja'bary, Minister of WAQF and Islamic Endowment, Nayef Rajoub, Minister of Jerusalem Affairs, Eng. Khaled Abu Arafa, and several legislators from Ramallah, Bethlehem, and Jericho.  

Atzmon also voices rare criticism over their arrest. He gave the prosecution 72 hours to file an appeal against the decision. The prosecution filed the appeal on Thursday.

Israeli sources reported that the court will hold a hearing next Monday on a possible extension of the remand of the legislators and ministers.

Atzmon questioned the timing of the arrests, and noted that they were permitted to run the Palestinian elections and serve in the Palestinian government months before they were taken prisoners.

Yet, Atzmon rejected arguments by the detainees lawyers that their arrests contradicts with the international law, the Geneva Conventions, and that they enjoy diplomatic immunity.