In separate Israeli attacks on both the northern and southern parts of the Gaza Strip early Thursday, five Palestinians have been killed, two of whom bled to death in Rafah when Israeli forces prevented ambulances from reaching them, and three of whom were killed by a missile fired by an unmanned Israeli 'drone' aircraft — a type of weapon that is automated to fire at 'anything that moves'.



Mohamed Abu Mo'amer was killed Thursday during an ongoing Israeli
offensive in the northern areas of Rafah, in the south of the Gaza strip,
raising Thursday's death toll to five in the Gaza strip, Dr Ali Moussa, the
director of Rafah hospital reported.  Mo'amer died from bleeding to death after the Israeli
army prevented ambulances from evacuating the injured by opening fire
at the ambulances.  Dr. Moussa also said that Abu Mo'amer was wounded
in his right leg and bled to death, and that some of the injured
suffered severe burns indicating the possible use of illegal weapons.

Earlier today in Rafah, 45 year old I'timad Mo'amer (no relation to Mohamed) died of wounds she sustained late Wednesday night when Israeli army troops stormed northern Rafah.  During that invasion, seven were injured, five of them from her family.  Dr. Ali Moussa noted that I'timad Mo'amer suffered from severe loss of blood before she was able to reach the hospital, also due to the Israeli forces preventing an ambulance from reaching her.

Medical sources said that Mo'amer died after being hit with several live rounds in the head and chest; she was injured along with seven others, two of whom are now in a critical condition in hospital.  The invasion started when several Israeli armored vehicles stormed the area, apparently in an attempt to seize a member of the Islamic Jihad as a prisoner.  Special army units kidnapped Salah Bahloul, the 'wanted' man, after ambushing him, troops also took six other residents, including five from the same family. 

Also on Thursday morning three residents were killed after an Israeli drone fired several missiles at a group of residents in Jabalia town north of the Gaza strip.

Medical sources said the three were Zidan Abu Rashed, 17, Ali Dahroj, 17, and Sami Dahroj, 19, the sources added that the three bodies were severely mutilated and it was very difficult to identify them, the three were moved to Kamal Adwan hospital near Beit Lahia, in northern Gaza.

A report prepared and published by the Palestinian Center for Human Rights in Gaza documenting the Israeli violations in the period between September 14 and September 20, revealed that Israeli troops killed three Palestinians, and one child succumbed to earlier wounds.