A road side bomb planted by Palestinian resistance fighters exploded
near an Israeli army vehicle in the West Bank city of Nablus, injuring
seven soldiers on Friday morning.


The Israeli online daily Haaretz reported that the soldiers sustained light and moderate injuries after a bomb planted by Palestinian fighters exploded on a street in Nablus during an Israeli army incursion to the area.

Army reinforcements rushed to the scene and managed to retrieve the seven injured soldiers, and moved them to Israeli hospitals. Immediately after, Israeli troops conducted a wide scale search campaign for more bombs.  Local sources said that soldiers fired heavily at Palestinians believed to be fighters.

Meanwhile, in the nearby Balata refugee camp, Israeli soldiers were targeted by resistance fighters with handheld machine guns during a search campaign in the camp.  No injuries were reported, but a girl, identified as Fida' Al Ramahi, 18, was taken prisoner.  She was taken to an unknown location, local sources said.