Palestinian security sources reported that unidentified gunmen broke
into the house of Chief Islamic Justice Sheikh Taysir Al Tamimi in
Hebron Friday evening.

Al Tamimi confirmed that a large amount of money and valuables were stolen during the attack.

He stated, “The criminals took more than just money- they took my identity, the safety and security of my home.”

In a special interview with PNN, Al Tamimi said that the gunmen broke into the house and then proceeded to detain his wife, children, and sister-in-law inside one of the rooms. The intruders then stole various items before fleeing the scene.

Al Tamimi told PNN that he has informed the police and that an investigation is set to take place.

He described the incident as a “serious blow to the stability and security of Hebron,” and called upon security officials to arrest the intruders and bring them to justice.