Palestinian security sources reported on Saturday that five policemen,
members of the Palestinian military intelligence, in Dir Al Balah, in
the central Gaza Strip, were injured after members of the Executive
Force hurled grenades at them while there were conducting their strike
for the second day.

The policemen were protested their late wages which they did not receive since six months.

The sources stated that the policemen were arguing with members of the executive force, formed by the Hamas party, in Al Mahatta area, east of Dir Al Balah, and then members of the Executive Forces, according to the security sources, hurled grenades at them moderately injuring five.

Meanwhile, eyewitnesses reported that an unidentified person hurled a grenade at the protesters near the Military Intelligence headquarters after they barred him from crossing towards Gaza city. 

Also on Saturday, hundreds of policemen burn tires in Salah Ed Deen Street, and closed the road leading to the central Gaza Strip and to Gaza city.

In Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, hundreds of Palestinian security personnel protested in the streets and chanted slogans demanding to receive their late salaries.

The protesting security members fired rounds of live ammunition into the air during their protest, and closed several stores.

Last Thursday, security forces members conducted a similar protest, closed street and shops in several areas in the Gaza Strip.