The Israeli army attacked and ransacked residents' houses in Hebron city, in the southern part of the West Bank, and the nearby village of Doura, took three resident prisoner, on Monday morning.

Tamer Al Shrawounah, 17, were taken prisoner by the army and was moved to an unknown destination  after troops searched and ransacked his familys' house located in Doura village near Hebron.

Also, troops stormed residents' houses in the northern side of Hebron city, and took Amjad Al Bakri, 33, to an unknown location. His family reported that troops searched and ransacked the belongings of their house  before taking their son to unknown location.

Also, Ghalib Al Sihli, 20, from Doura village was taken prisoner during an interview with the Israeli Internal Security Services (Shabak) at Kfar Atzion military camp.

His sister said that soldiers came to their house two days ago and gave a military order to her brother to go for that interview. During the interview, soldiers took him prisoner and moved him to an unknown location.