Number of Palestinians residents killed in the ongoing military
offensive in the Gaza Strip, especially in Beit Hanoun, arrived to
twenty-five; at least 95 residents were injured, 17 seriously. The
latest casualties were three fighters who were assassinated by a
missile that targeted their vehicle.

The Al Qassam brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, reported that three of its fighters were killed in the strike, they were identified as Ammar Mushtaha, 30, Mohammad Farhat, 23, and Tamer Hillis, 23. Their bodies were severely mutilated as a result of the blast.

At least 80 residents were injured, most of them suffered moderate to sever wounds.

Meanwhile, in Beit Hanoun, the Israeli army demolished Um Al Nasser mosque in the town after several fighters took shelter there. The fighters managed to escape from the mosque before the army shelled it.

Eyewitnesses reported that soldiers opened fired at a procession for women who were demanding the army to leave the town and stop its offensive against the residents; one woman identified as Mas'ada Al Hweiji, 45, was killed.

The Ramattan news agency reported that one of its reporters, who is also surrounded in Beit Hanoun, reported that troops totally occupied the town since Wednesday and took hundreds of residents, men and women prisoner, in mass arrests.