Palestinian security sources reported on Tuesday that the Rafah Border
Crossing, between the Gaza Strip and Egypt, will be opened on Thursday
morning on both directions for five continuous days.

Wa’el Dahab, spokesperson of the Presidential Guards at the crossing stated that the crossing will be operational for eight-to-ten hours each day in order to facilitate the entry of pilgrimages coming back from Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

Dahab added that all details of operating the border terminal are coordinated with the European observers at the crossing.

The crossing will be operational on both ways in order to facilitate the entry of the residents to the Gaza Strip and their departure. If needed, the terminal will remain opened for more than ten hours.

The Rafah terminal was only opened for 33 days over the last six months after Israeli intensified its siege on the Gaza Strip and carried it Summer Rains military offensive that was followed by operation Autumn Clouds.

The Summer Rains military offensive was carried out after Palestinian fighters carried a cross-border raid into an Israeli military camp ad abducted the Israeli corporal, Gilad Shalit; two soldiers and two fighters were killed in the attack.