Late on Saturday night a meeting was held in Ramallah between several Hamas and Fateh leaders to discuss the latest developments on the domestic front in light of the continuing tension between the two sides. Qadura Faris, Ahmed Ghneim, Hussien Sheikh, Khalid Tafish and Dr. Nasser Addin Al Sha'er were among them.Informed sources described that the meeting was “very positive and an agreement was reached to implement a 'document of honor,' which will be announced in the coming few hours.”

The statement came out in the Sunday dailies which “forbade Palestinian bloodshed” and stressed the need to “end the fighting between brothers.” It includes a call to “work in earnest to form a national unity government.”

The meeting was held with the “knowledge and blessing of President Abbas and Prime Minister Haniya,” after an agreement was reached earlier on Saturday between the Association of Public Officials and the Palestinian government to end the strikes which began in September.

Another meeting was held in Gaza City in which President Abbas discussed the proposal put forth by representatives of the leftist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine to resume dialogue. The PLFP called on all parties to participate “in order to reach a national unity government.” The atmosphere of the meeting was described as “very positive.”

In further developments, Prime Minister Haniya initiated contact with President Abbas. During their conversation the two leaders discussed the relationship between Hamas and Fateh and the imminent visit of the US Secretary of State to Ramallah. That conversation, between Haniya and Abbas, was also described as “very positive.”