Palestinian medical sources reported on Thursday that Mowaffaq Raheemy, 34, died of his wounds when Israeli troops stationed at Atara checkpoint, near the northern West Bank city of Ramallah, obstructed an ambulance transferring him to hospital.Raheemy was seriously injured when a heavy tool fell on his head on Wednesday night as he was working at his home. Raheemy is from Beit Reema town, north of Ramallah.

Local sources reported that Isreali soldiers based at Atara military checkpoint obstructed the ambulance for 30 minutes and quarreled with the ambulance driver over “operating the ambulance siren loudly”.  

Raheemy’s family stated that the ambulance driver tried to explain to the soldiers that he was transferring a civilian who was seriously injured, and that the soldiers saw Raheemy bleeding but insisted on pulling the ambulance overt.

Raheemy is a father to four children; his family hold the Israeli army responsible for his death since they obstructed the ambulance as it was attempting to transfer him to hospital.