Palestinian women participate in government, are leaders in the national struggle, go out to work and stay in to work. On the occasion of International Women's Day, in meetings, lunches and art exhibitions, Palestinian women are honored.Their pasts are full of sacrifice with futures unknown as the occupation still controls their destiny. For the occasion, Palestinian women demonstrated at Qalandiya Checkpoint in Ramallah, where they were forcibly dispersed by Israeli soldiers.

Legislative Council and Fateh member, Jihad Abu Zneid,  paid tribute to Palestinian women on the occasion and criticized their marginalization in society. She said, “The absence of Palestinian women in all aspects of the decision-making process perpetuates a culture in which women are controlled.”

Although there is room for improvement, Abu Zneid was the first to sing the praises of the role of women in Palestinian society. She stressed that they “provide the best model for the image of the 'modern woman' through their participation in governance and leadership, and the importance of women in defying the Israeli occupation.”

In honor of the day the Hamas party issued a congratulatory statement and said that the women's struggle is akin to that against all forms of injustice and oppression. “Palestinian women are the first example in the world of women distinguished in all aspects of political and social life, in struggle and perseverance. They are martyrs, prisoners, members of Parliament. They do all of this under the yoke of occupation.”

Abu Zneid called to reformulate the role of women in Palestinian society, in its ideas that stem from old customs and traditions. The PLC member is working on a development plan to link social and economic issues through education.

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights reported today that violence against women is up, as it goes hand in hand with a faltering economy and lack of security. While Israeli forces killed 36 Palestinian women in a year, another 12 were killed by family members in "honor killings."