A group of illegal Israeli settlers from Beit Yater settlement built on stolen land from Janiah village east of Hebron city in the northern part of the West Bank attacked and injured a Palestinian boy on Sunday morning.
Ibraheem Mour, 17, sustained cuts all over his body after being attacked by a group of armed settlers while working in his land located near the settlement, local sources reported.

In the mean time another group right wing Jewish extremists took over land that belong to farmers from Yatta village near Hebron city, the settlers installed tents near an Israeli army post on those confiscated lands by the army.

The farmers fear that illegal settlement post become a full established settlement which means that farmers from Yatta village will lose a massive portion of their lands.

The Israeli army took over those lands several years ago and was attacking farmers in regular bases who try to get to their lands near the military post, farmers of Yatta village stated.