Palestinian Chief Islamic Justice, Sheikh Taiseer Tamimi, slammed that Israeli demolishing and bulldozing of a Palestinian charitable society and several houses in Al Esawiyya area in the occupied East Jerusalem. Tamimi stated that Israel wants to void the Palestinian presence in the Holy City by baring the residents from constructing houses and by demolishing their homes and institutions.

He added that the demolishing of the charitable society which provides aid to handicapped residents is a direct violation to the international law and to the principles of human rights.

Tamimi added that Israel, since it occupied East Jerusalem in 1967 forced thousands of Arab and Palestinian families out of the city and in 1968, Israeli troops bulldozed a whole neighborhood in east Jerusalem.

The neighborhood, was known as Al Sharaf neighborhood, and was fully bulldozed and a settlement was built in its place after the Israeli authorities confiscated the lands.

Tamimi added that Israel is ongoing with it plan to change the demography of Jerusalem after emptying it from its native Palestinian residents and filling it with settlers.

Tamimi also said that Israel is ongoing with the digging under the Al Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, which affects its construction basis and could cause it to collapse.

He warned that Israel is targeting the Islamic and Christian presence in Jerusalem, which is a direct violation to the international law and the fourth Geneva Convention.