Office of the Palestinian Prime Minister, said Saturday that the Hamas’s military wing Ezziledin Alqassam, returned back three police vehicles, they seized earlier.

The office added the cars were handed over to the office after they were seized during clashes with police and security forces following the latter’s deployment in streets to restore order

Palestinian interior minister, HanI Alqawasmi, an indepnednet close to Hamas, distanced himself from such a deployment, saying “those officers who were deployed had teken the step on their own”.

Clashes erupted on Thursday after members of the interior ministery’s exe3cutive force adducted a Fatah-linked man in central Gaza Strip, just few hours after forces deployment .

Spokesman of the Palestinian cabinet, Ghazi Hammad, confirmed later on Thursday that the interior ministry agreed to the deployment within its announced security plan.

The interior minister had earlier resigned from post over ‘ lack of cooperation among security officials’ but later rescinded it, pending a meeting with President Abbas.