Palestinian Minister of Information, Dr, Mustafa Barghouthi, welcomed on Sunday the European Union position to boycott the Israeli celebrations marking the day of “unifying Jerusalem:, which was carried out after Israel illegally occupied and seized East Jerusalem in 1967.Dr. Barghouthi stated that the German Ambassador stated that the ambassadors of the European Union will not participate in the Israeli celebrations since the EU considers East Jerusalem as part of the occupied territories captured in 1967.

He also said that Jerusalem is the capital of the future Palestinian state and that any israei activities or plans to change the demography of Jerusalem are illegal in accordance to the international law. Dr. Barghouthi also said that Jerusalem is the key for peace in the area, and that any solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict will not be recognized if it does not include Jerusalem.

Moreover, he described the Israeli celebrations of illegally annexing Jerusalem as a direct violation to the international legitimacy and decisions, and a violation to the advisory decision of international court of justice which was issued three years ago.