Chief of the Palestinian police department of Rafah city, in southern Gaza, Zuheir Shahin, resigned today in protest of the deteriorating security situation in the Gaza Strip.
Shahin said that due to the deteriorated security situation in Gaza and the police inability to prevent chaos, he resigned from the post.

Today’s resignation comes amidst calls to declare a state of emergency in the Palestinian territories.

Azzam aL-Ahmad, deputy-prime minister of Fatah, signaled need for a state of emergency across the Palestinian territories in order to deal with escalating infighting in Gaza.

Four MPs of Fatah movement suspended yesterday their membership in protest of the worse conditions.

On Monday, Palestinian interior minister, resigned from the post, unable to secure cooperation by the rival factions Fatah and Hamas.

Since Friday, rival Fatah and Hamas have been involved in deadly infighting, considered the deadliest since both sides signed a national unity agreement in Feb.8 in the holy city of Mecca.

So far, death toll has risen to approximately 30, while the number of wounded mounted to about 60. Death toll is steadily rising as clashes continue to grip the Gaza Strip despite a fresh ceasefire reached late on Tuesday night under Egyptian auspices, the third in three days.