The Popular Resistance Committees declared Tuesday it won’t cede home-made shells fire for electricity and fuel supplies to the Gaza Strip.

PRC’s spokesman, Abu Yousef, told press agencies that halting homemade shells fire and freezing resistance activities, in return for reopening crossings, allowing in fuel and electricity supplies to Gaza, is unacceptable.

‘The whole world seems to have forgotten one important fact that the Palestinian struggle against the Israeli occupation is not based on some fuel and electricity needs supply’, said the PRC’s spokesman.

He stressed that the homemade shells his group continues to fire as long as the Israeli occupation keeps up its aggression on the Palestinian people.

‘ It is irrational that we stop resistance as the Israeli occupation continues to occupy our lands and blatantly attack our people in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip’

In the meantime, the PRC expressed some kind of flexibility in terms of tactical resistance, yet it won’t give up the resistance, mainly the homemade shells fire.

The PRC is a Gaza-based Palestinian resistance group that embraces a resistance strategy. Israel has been increasingly targeting the group along with many others over the past seven months.

Israel has placed the Hamas-run coastal region under a strict closure of crossings since June 2007, and began in October imposing a series of ‘apparently punitive measures’, including fuel supplies cut.

Israel says its actions on Gaza are meant to stop homemade shells onto southern Israel.

Israel still occupies the West Bank largely and maintains a grip control over Gaza’s crossings, air space and sea, in spite of evacuation of settlers in 2005.