Last week, the Muslim Relief Society in the Negev, which provides relief services for orphans, installed tents and started collecting support which will be transferred to the improvised and besieged residents of the Gaza Strip.In spite of the bad weather, hundreds of residents flocked to the tents to donate whatever they can either financial or in-kind for the benefit of needy families in the Gaza Strip.

The campaign is scheduled to end on Friday or Saturday, while members of the relief society would continue to collect financial support even after the campaign is over. Some of the collected food donations will be sent to the Gaza Strip this week, while the rest of the donations will be transferred next week.

Sheikh Mahmoud Abu Rostom, head of the Islamic Relief Society in the Negev, stated that in spite of the bad financial situation of the residents in the Negev and the stormy weather, they did not hesitate in donating whatever they can to help their brothers in the Gaza Strip.

“In spite of their poor economic situation, they were generous and donated in the tents installed at the entrances of different villages in the Negev”, Rostom stated, “We want to thank everybody who contributed  to this campaign, this society also provides relief to the orphans throughout the year”.