The Nafha Society for Defending Human Rights and the Rights of the Detainees stated that there are 41 Palestinian detainees who are currently hospitalized in Al Ramla Prison Hospital and facing harsh conditions as the hospital lacks the fundamental equipment and medications. One of the lawyers of the society visited the prison hospital and stated that the detainees there need urgent medical attention in adequate hospitals that will be able to provide them with the needed attention and equipment.

Detainee Mansour Wafi, from Al Zawiya village in the West Bank City of Salfit, was shot and injured by three rounds of live ammunition before he was arrested. His digestive system is badly damaged and is suffering from paralysis.

The lawyer said that Wafi underwent surgery and his intestines and stomach were replaced with artificial ones and that he always have a urine bag an a bag for feces  attached to his body.

Detainee Rabee’ Harb, also from Salfit, was shot and injured by several rounds of live ammunition in his legs and bladder.

The lawyer added that the above mentioned detainees were just a few examples of the conditions 41 detainees are facing in that hospital, and stated that there are 1200 sick detainees in several prison hospitals in twenty prisons and detention centers.

He called on the legal organizations and human rights groups to intervene on the local and international levels to expose the Israeli violations against the detainees, and to intervene in ensuring that the detainees who need surgeries and immediate intervention are receiving the needed care.