The Israeli army continues to impose a strict closure on the West Bank city of Tulkarem for the fifth day in row, preventing access of residents in and out of the city.

Palestinian security sources reported that the Israeli army troops carried out a series of repressive measures on the Sha’rawiya neighborhood, to the north of Tulkarem.

Among these measures are, erection of mobile roadblocks, blocking movement of locals, students, workers and strangers as well as vehicles.

The sources said that the Ennab checkpoint and the Jbara roadblock have seen large crowds of passersby since the early hours of Sunday morning, as soldiers, manning both checkpoints have been conducting thorough searches of residents and vehicles alike.

Witnesses said that due to roadblocks around the city, the Tulkarem has been almost isolated from other West Bank cities, towns, villages and refugee camps.

Israel has been keeping up a heavy presence across the occupied West Bank areas, as there are approximately 450 checkpoints that have been hampering movement of residents since 2002.

Israel has been always arguing that such roadblocks are meant to prevent likely Palestinian resistance attacks on Israeli targets, whilst many international bodies have been demanding Israel to ease those movement restrictions.