On behalf of the Gaza’s committee to break the Israeli blockade, Mr. Janmal aL-Khudari, an independent lawmaker and the committee’s chairman, hailed on Sunday underway worldwide solidarity campaigns with the people of Gaza.

In a press statement, faxed to press, aL-Khudary praised the worldwide activities in support of the Palestinian people, particularly those besieged in Gaza.

He stressed on the need for such campaigns to continue at the Arab and international levels, in solidarity with the besieged Gaza Strip, with no glimpse of hope for any breakthrough for the past couple of years.

aL-Khudary appealed to all peoples around the world to pressure their governments in a bid to lift the Israeli closure of Gaza, which came into effect by June of last year, when the ruling-Hamas took over the coastal region.

‘ the demonstrations we saw on TV screens in many world countries indicate a genuine backing to the Palestinian people’, the lawmaker maintained.

In the meantime, he sent out a message to the Algerian president, outlining the suffering of Gaza under the Israeli siege, including the movement restrictions, the cut of fuel and power supplies as well as the lack of essential items like foods and medicines.

Over the past few weeks, campaigners in more than 30 world countries took to the streets, in solidarity with the Gaza Strip’s 1.5 residents, who have been living a humanitarian crisis over the past several months.

In March 2006, western governments and Israel imposed an economic boycott to the democratically-elected Hamas-led government, given Hamas’s platform, which embraces resistance against the Israeli occupation.

In June of last year, Israel imposed a total closure on Gaza following Hamas’s takeover of the coastal territory amidst a power struggle with the Fatah party of President Mahmoud Abbas, who embraces a peace strategy.