The Israeli military has invaded the northern West Bank cities of Nablus and Jenin, kidnapping three Palestinians in the early hours of Wednesday morning.
Local sources reported that troops invaded the city of Nablus and kidnapped two men after attacking their homes. Khaleel Mansour, 18, a resident of Kafr Qalil town, south of Nablus and Mua'yad, 24, a resident of Balata, east of Nablus, were both abducted and taken to an unknown detention center, after being detained without criminal charge.

In a separate operation, the Israeli army also invaded Jenin, kidnapping one and moving him to an undisclosed detention center.

Sources reported that at least ten military vehicles invaded the city, besieged civilians' homes, ransacked them and confiscated property before the operation concluded.

Sources named the man abducted from Jenin as Anas Qa'qour, 20.