The Detainees Study Center reported on Thursday that the Israeli Prison Administration (IPS) started carrying transfers among Palestinian female detainee as several detainees were moved to different prisons.

Ra'fat Hamdouna, director of the center, said that several days ago the IPS transferred detainee Aisha Obayyat, a resident of Bethlehem and sentenced for 6 years, Abeer Amer from Hebron and sentenced for 16 years and Amna Muna, from Al Ramla detention center to al Jalama.

Hamdouna added that other transfers are talking place in Hasharon detention and that the IPS intends to transfer more detainees from Hasharon to Al Jalama prison. Apparently all transfers will be carried out between Hasharon prison, Al Jalama prison and Al Ramla prison.

The Center said that the IPS plans to transfer several detainees from Section 12 in Hasharon prison to Al Ramla prison.

Hamdouna stated that such transfers aim at isolating the detainees, and separating them from each other, and voiced an appeal to the Palestinian Ministry of Detainees, legal and human rights groups to intervene and stop the Israeli violations against the detainees.