A large number of Gaza vehicles stopped engines for half an hour on Thursday morning, as the fuel shortage crisis has gotten worse , due to continued Israel cut of fuel supplies to the coastal region.The vehicles strike has been observed in many streets in Gaza city, particularly in the most crowded square of Palestine, as the local committee to break the siege, headed by independent lawmaker Jamal aL-Khudary was present in a bid of solidarity with striking drivers.

Speaking to a gathering in the heart of Gaza city today, aL-Khudary confirmed that the shortage of fuel supplies has largely affected work of essential health services like hospitals and ambulances.

‘ in light of regular power cuts, many power generators currently need spare parts, while fuel needed to generate electricity has been shortfall’, aL-Khudary maintained.

aL-Khudary appealed to the free world to stand by the Palestinian people until the Israeli blockade on Gaza comes to an end, adding that his committee has been in constant contact with worldwide related activities.

On January13, Israel declared a total closure of Gaza and prevented entry of fuel and other essential items to the coastal territory, within what Israel says a bid to stop homemade shells fire from the Hamas-ruled Gaza onto nearby Israeli towns.

The Israeli measures against Gaza came into effect by September of last year, when Israel declared the coastal Strip a ‘hostile entity’ and began in October a series of punitive measures including power and fuel supplies cuts.