United Nations Undersecretary General for humanitarian affairs, Jhon Holmes, condemned on Sunday the homemade shells, being fired from Gaza onto nearby Israeli towns.Holmes' denunciation came during a visit to the southern Israeli town of Sderot, which has been exposed to barrages of homemade shells fire from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

We just need to keep on saying to the people in Gaza, to the Hamas leadership, they have to stop these rockets. They do no good. They cause suffering," Holmes said.

The UN's chief nodded to residents of Sderot , who have undergone shock and panic because of the homemade shells that happen to land in their town frequently.

Holmes, however, believed that the way out of such a situation is a peace agreement between Palestinians and Israelis.

On Friday, the UN senior official held a press conference in Gaza city, after touring hospitals and traumatized Gaza's facilities. He decried the Israeli closure of Gaza Strip since June of last year.

Holmes described conditions in Gaza as 'miserable', calling for an end to the Israeli closure of the coastal region.

United Nations records suggest that more than 80 percent of Gaza's 1.5 million residents depend now on UN's food aids and services, because of the Israeli closure of border crossings since June2007.

Israeli areas, close to the Gaza Strip, have been frequently fired with homemade shells over the past seven years, as 12 Israelis have been killed, consequently.

The Israeli army has killed more than 200 Palestinians, mostly fighters, over the past three months alone, media estimates suggest.