Palestinian medical sources announced on Tuesday evening that one child died at a Gaza hospital after the Israeli Authorities barred his transfer to a hospital abroad for further medical treatment as the siege on Gaza continued to cripple all hospitals in the coastal region. The child was identified as Sa’id Al Ayidy, 2, from Rafah in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. He suffered from a kidney infection. His death raised the number of Palestinian patient who died due to the siege to 98, including 17 children.

Following are the names of children who died due to the ongoing blockade;

1.       Sa’id Al Ayidy, 2.

2.       Fatin Majdi Al Hafnawi, 10.

3.       Ibrahim Abu Nahil, 1year and four months old.

4.       Sana Mohammad Al Hajj, six months.

5.       Rawan Diab, 13 months.

6.       Hala Zannoun, 3 months.

7.       Yousef Eyad Abu Mariam, 5 years old.

8.        Razan Mohammad Ata, 6 years.

9.       Dua’ Hani Habeen, 5 months.

10.   Ibrahim Abu Jazar, 2 years.

11.   Shereen Abdullah Abu Shawarib, 10 years.

12.    Hammad Maher Abu Hamda, 1.5 months.

13.    Ameer Al Baziji, 9 years.

14.   Nada Eyad Al Asgha, 13 years old.

15.   Rawan Nassar, 15.

16.   Dua’ Abed Amran, 18.

17.   Mahmoud Nahedh Hussein, 14.