Pigs that belong to settlers from the Israeli settlement of Areil near Salfit in the West Bank attacked a Palestinian elderly man and critically injured him. The man is still receiving medical treatment in the hospital for the past 10 days.
Palestinian sources reported that pigs Abed al M’oti ar-Rimawe,53, a resident of villageof Beit Reema, while he was on his way to his orchards. Ar-Rimawe got critical and deep cuts to different parts of his body that kept him hospitalized so far for ten days.

Sources added that settlers continuously drove their pigs in the Palestinian orchards, especially in Wadi Kana, most of which its orchards belong to Deir Istya town. The pigs frequently damage the crops.

Palestinian police in Salfit said this is not the first time Palestinians are physically attacked by settler pigs. They have registered earlier another pigs attack on a Palestinian woman and her child in Surta village, also near Salfit. Police officers confirmed that huge numbers of pigs had been deliberately distributed by the Israeli settlers in all the villages of Salfit district.

Residents of Salfit district petitioned to the Palestinian Ministry of agriculture and to Human Rights organizations to force the settlers to stop the pigs attacks, but apparently, their efforts seems to be fruitless.

Translated by Nisreen Qumsieh – IMEMC News.