The Palestinian Popular Committees issued a press release appealing International Organizations and the International Red Cross to intervene and save the life of detainee Shukry Jamil Yaish, 32, who is seriously ill and imprisoned in the Israeli Negev detention camp.Shukry developed several health issues due to medical negligence especially since he had his right leg amputated after he was shot by the army in 2002 prior to his arrest.

He had a prosthetic leg since he was shot in by a domdom bullet, which is one of the internationally banned bullets. He needs to replace the prosthetic leg with a new one but the administration is ignoring his health needs.  

Domdom bullets are specifically designed live bullets that explode inside the victim's body causing severe harm and tissue damage.

The prison administration told Shukry that they are not obliged to cover his medical expenses and that he should appeal to the Red Cross. After appealing to the Red Cross, Shukry was informed that they are not obliged to cover this medical expense too.

Azmi Shiokhy, secretary-general of the Committees, stated that Shukry is sentenced to 12 years, and that his medical conditions in gradually deteriorating. He also has sores at the amputation location and his current prosthetic leg cannot bear his body weight and is obstructing his movement.

He voiced an appeal to human rights groups and the international community to intervene and stop the illegal Israeli violations against the detainees.