The Al Mezan Center for Human Rights issued a press release stating the its investigations revealed that Israeli soldiers shot and killed Yousef Suleiman Al Sameery, 40, on Thursday morning, after he was shot and injured by their gunfire.The Center stated that Al Sameery was executed as he was injured and unable to move when he was shot and killed. It also said that it suspects that Al Sameery died when a military jeep drove over his head after he was shot.

Investigations carried by the center revealed that the army invaded Wad Al Salqa area in the Gaza Strip, on Tuesday at night,  and surrounded the house of Al Sameery.

Soldiers later on opened fire at the house and shortly after midnight, and the body of Al Sameery was found in an open area 150 meters away from his home.

Autopsy revealed that Al  Sameery was shot in his chest, and that his head was smashed by the tires of the military jeep.

Earlier on the same day, soldiers fired a missile at a group of youth who gathered in Qleibo area, east of Rafah in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, and killed Nader Abu Dabir, 21; several residents were injured.

Israel initiated a large-scaled military offensive in the Gaza Strip on February 27 and killed 121 residents, including 30 children.  

The center slammed the ongoing Israeli violations against the residents of the Gaza Strip and filed a complaint to the Israeli Defense Minister and several Israeli government legal councilors demanding them to probe the assassination of Al Sameery.

The Center renewed its rejection and condemnation to the Israeli attacks against the Gaza Strip, and the ongoing violations to the international law.The Al Mezan Center cautioned the international community that Israel is escalating its attacks and Israel is committing war crimes against the Palestinians people, especially in the Gaza Strip. The Center demanded the international community to intervene and provide international protection to the Palestinian people.